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 My son Nick was in the first "graduating" class from the preschool program and my daughter, Emma who started kindergarten this September, was part of Carlisle Kids' House from the day she turned 2.9. Both children were so prepared to head off to kindergarten. The reading and math program at Carlisle Kids' House helped my kids get a head start on learning. They both began kindergarten already reading and knowing how to do basic math facts. The social and developmental skills they learned in preschool made the transition to kindergarten seamless. One of the Carlisle kindergarten teachers told me that she can always tell a child that went to Carlisle Kids' House because they are so well adjusted to a school environment and know how to have fun and play well with others, but also they know how to make the switch from playing to learning. They have already mastered many basic skills and are quite independent. I have a third child, Anna, who is in her last year of preschool and is quite excited to be one of the "big kids" this year. What I like most about the program is that it is geared toward the individual child. One of my children was very eager to learn to read - she was allowed into the reading program at an early age. Another was more content to play and work on her speech and social skills - she entered the reading program this year. My fourth child is 18 months and already loves CKH - she loves to spend a few minutes checking out the classroom when we go to pick up her siblings. She will begin the program as soon as she is old enough. The staff at Carlisle Kids' House are what make this school so incredible. They are dedicated to our children and that helps our children feel loved and secure which makes it easier for them to learn and discover the world around them. --Pam Ely
 I can't thank Karen and the Carlisle Kids House enough for offering the after school programs ABRAKADOODLE and SCIENCE ADVENTURES!! My 7 year old son is homeschooled and these after school programs completely round out his education. He (and his friends that come with us) absolutely loves these programs and has for a few years now. Abrakadoodle's Miss Laura is the most fantastic art instructor......the kids just LOVE her!! Her love of art and kids is evident from the moment the kids step into the classroom to the final creation. Science Adventures is just a BLAST for the kids....hands on experiments, take home goodies and lots of adventures along the way! CKH offers a comfortable home setting so kids are totally relaxed and comfortable. This is a 5 star organization with a 5 star staff!!! Thanks so much, Karen....you and your staff are giving lots of kids wonderful memories that will last a lifetime....and isn't that what it's all about!!! --Laura DeVito


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