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The Extended Day program provides a "home away from home" for school-aged children in grades K through 6.
Our morning program starts at 7:30am, when staff greet arriving students with activities designed to help them transition smoothly into the school day and then wait with them in the driveway until the school bus arrives. In the afternoon, our staff meets every bus carrying students to CKH to make sure all students are safe and accounted for. During the afternoon, we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including story times, crafts, cooking, science projects, homework club, music practice, sports. On early release days and teacher work-shop days, we also offer field trips and special seasonal events. We are open until 6:15pm on weekday evenings.
The Carlisle Extended Day Curriculum is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Dr.Howard Gardner in 1983. This theory encourages the support and development of eight different intelligences: Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal(people-smart), Intrapersonal (self smart), and Naturalist.

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